Why People Prefer Car Xenon Bulbs Over Halogen Bulbs

Lately, replacing your old car bulbs is something you have been giving some serous thoughts; however, for an industry that has seen different types being created and made available, you are now confused and completely spoil for choice. You have talked to a number of your friends about it, and all of them seem to suggest you go for Xenon bulbs. Well, they are right for these types of car bulb are some of the most sought after right now. Here is why they are better than Halogen bulbs.

Excellent visibility

hid_xenon-11Xenon headlamps bulbs are filled with xenon gas, and because of their high voltage current they produce a light of over 3,000 lumen. That is a very huge amount of light and that alone means the bulbs emit a much brighter light than halogen bulbs. So if you normally drive at night, these are the kinds of bulbs you should be going for next. They will make it easier for you to see the road ahead for they come with outstanding brightness when compared to conventional headlamps.


When you talk of excellent durability, xenon headlamps bulbs probably has them all. The absence of a fragile filament that is normally found in other types of bulbs means xenon lights last longer. Although, they cost more than other types of bulbs, they will surely last three or even more times longer than them. That is great investment.

Improved safety

This is probable another reason why car owners prefer xenon light over others. These types of lights normally coming fully equipped with auto-leveling system, they can lower the level of the light beam when you car travels over bumps or when there is a heavy load in the boot. As is that is not even enough; they also offer a kind of adaptive pivoting of the headlight beam as you drive around corners. These two features, alone, can dramatically reduce glare for the drivers of oncoming cars making them some of the safest lights to be used while driving at night.

Aesthetic value

It is because of their modern blue color many drivers install them on their car just for aesthetic qualities. So if you are looking for ways you can improve the overall appearance of your car, these are probably the types of bulbs you should be shopping for next.

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Xenon Car Bulb

hid_xenon-16When it comes to selecting these types of bulbs, there are quite a number of factors that need to be put under great consideration. To get you started, when shopping for them, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind at all times.


These bulbs are normally produced in 7 common sizes; H1, h3, h4, h7, hB3, hB4 and lastly H11; if you do not know what to go for, you can easily get confused. Thankfully, there is something you can do about it; take the existing bulb and compare with the one you intend to buy. Alternatively, you can ask a car professional to identify which bulb is needed.


Although xenon lights often appear blue in color, they emit a cold white light. In the past, a number of designers have actually introduced colored crystal inside their bulbs to make the light more bluer. The color can be determined by Kelvin and the higher the K, the bluer the light will be and lower the K, the more yellow the light will be. Although a 4300 K light is somewhat warm than a 12000 k light what to go for will largely depend on your taste and preference.


At the, Xenon lights are some of the most advanced headlights option you could get for your car today. After all, by installing them in your car, you will not only get better visibility, but you will also decrease the need for headlight maintenance. The best part, they can dramatically increase the resale value of you car in the long run. So if you are now convinced about the benefits of xenon headlight bulbs and you cannot wait to have them, before you buy them, make sure you research what type of bulb is compatible with your car. It is important you do this for a wrong choice would ruin everything.